Delightful Moments

Showing the world that Happiness is in your hands

Delightex is a research and venture building firm that aims to identify and build the next generation business around naturally occurring substances. Armed with an extensive network of collaboration partners and research facilities, Delightex seeks to evaluate novel technologies, build and invest in innovative companies with the capacity to deliver Delightful Moments.

Delightful Moment

Delight describes joyful moments with our products; a sense of magic that makes us fall in love with ourselves through our products. To design delight is both an Art and a Science.


Delightex is interested in partnerships with institutes of higher learning, research institutions, start-ups and companies – across early stage technologies, advanced research, or applied approaches that will eventually provide novel solutions.

Our goal is to incorporate the latest advancements in natural substance discovery, extraction and delivery for the improvement of everyday human experience and physiological & psychological wellbeing.


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