Collaboration Models

Delightex is interested in partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning, Research Institutions, Start-ups and Companies – across early stage technologies, advanced research, or applied approaches that will eventually provide novel solutions to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Novel substances for emotion regulation
  • Substances or products with a positive impact on physiological wellbeing
  • Technological means for alleviating stress or mood uplifting
  • Innovative ways of tracking changes in emotions

Delightex aims to be the bridge between academia, industry and successful commercialisation. Our goal is to incorporate the latest advancements in natural substance discovery, extraction and delivery for the improvement of everyday human experience and physiological and psychological wellbeing.

We are also looking to build and invest in startups and entrepreneurs that delivers Delightful Moments to consumers. Delightex will serve as a long-term synergistic partner, supporting the team from research & development, product prototyping, production, market penetration to international expansion.

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