What is a
Delightful Moment?

Delight describes joyful moments with our products; a sense of magic that makes us fall in love with ourselves through our products. To design delight is both an Art and a Science. A Delightful Moment aims to whisk one away to a special place, where time momentarily freezes, allowing oneself to be completely immersed in the present.

Why Delightful Moment?

In our modern day setting where our degree of weariness is proudly worn like a badge of honour, where our younger generation is trapped in the high-pressure rat race of capitalism, and where our intense pace of life is taking a heavy toll on our mental and emotional wellbeing, there is a need for a breakthrough in achieving and maintaining happiness & mindfulness. Very few of us are as happy as we ought to be – which is an irony given how amazingly our world has developed.

We grapple for the right mix of traditional and novel methods to improve our psychological & physiological wellbeing – human interaction, the arts, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, music and prudent use of synthetic drugs have all been experimented with. At Delightex, we feel it is important to find and reconnect with the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Delightex - Natural Substance

Why Natural Substance?

Traditional brews and potions meant as therapeutic remedies have existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years within the rich tribal cultures found in the deep forests of Asia, jungles of South America and savannahs of Australia, East Africa and the USA. Such remedies derived from natural sources – plants and animals – have produced empirical evidence within the numerous ethnic groups since the dawn of their respective civilisations.

Traditional therapeutic systems focuses more on prevention and maintaining balance or homeostasis of the person, and at Delightex we believe this can be harmonized with modern day lifestyles. Natural remedies are often perceived as safer alternatives to synthetic chemicals. Advancements in technology, such as testing for ingredient authenticity and safety, can serve to bolster consumer confidence in the quality and efficacy of the natural substances that have been empirically shown to be effective by the ancient traditional therapeutic systems. This opens a new market for the enhancement of physiological and psychological wellbeing using naturally derived products.

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